Get in on the Goods—GNO's Got Door Prizes!

These amazing prizes were donated by awesome people! I was going to say awesome women, but uh, Mr. Jay is a man. I know. But what? Were we going to quibble over that? He promised not to burp or fart during GNO this week, so we said yes! LOL!

Wanna get in on the goods? Here's how...

  1. RSVP on Mr. Linky in the post above.
  2. Look at the door prizes below and register to win them by visiting the various sites and commenting there by including the name you used for Mr. Linky and your e-mail address.

Duong over at A Cup of Tea is giving away two fabulous books. Check out her blog to comment!

NYT best selling author of the Makers's Diet. She is donating 2 of his books: Children's Health, and Perfect Weight America, both released Jan 08. And she is including FUCO THIN #1 Diet Supplement in Natural Products Industry, safe and natural!

Duong can be found at Beauty Secrets and on Twitter @beautysecrets1.

Robin over at CinnamonandHoney is giving away 4 fabulous handmade cards. Leave a comment on her blog to enter.

I totally love this to enlarge.. It says "I love you just the way you are". And we love Robin! You can find all her craftiness at her Etsy shop: CinnamonandHoney and you can find her on Twitter @cinnamonhonig

Jill over at Artful offering a 5% discount (code GNOFood) on her amazing Digital cards, everyone think time for Holiday Cards! All the printing is done for you even on the envelopes! Love that. And for every person using the code GNOFood, Jill is matching it in a donation to! Love that too!

Don't you just so need this card!

Jill can be found on Twitter @thatgaljill.

Deb and Jay from Mission:Monday are offering a $25 Gift card to Borders.
And your mission should you choose to accept it...

Is to head over to Deb's Site and comment! I mean it's $25! Just do it already!
Deb can be found on Twitter @debwilliams and Jay is @halftimelessons.

Our second Jill over at ScaryMommy is out of town... But was willing to deal with our crazy anyway! So this last giveaway will be hosted here! Jill is giving away 2 sets of 3 awesome Tea Towels.

Click to enlarge.

I think these are super cute! She is offering the White Berry towel, the Green Apple towel and the Pink Tea Towel. And there are two sets. So...TWO winners! You must leave a comment on this post to enter the tea towel Door Prize. And you must tell me what you like the best about ScaryMommy's blog. And you GET to add your link to Mr. Linky over on the GNO-Cares page! Tell us how your signed it in the comments, THANKS...oh and LEAVE your email address (or read how to link your blogger account to your email...otherwise we can't contact you if you win!)

Have a look at the items up for auction as well! Here's to you for helping us make this Virtual Food Drive a success!

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ConnieFoggles said...

I signed up for GNO using my twitter name ConnieFoggles.

I like the photos on ScaryMoms blog.

email - shawnsbidness (at) yahooo (dot) com

Leanne said...

Wow. What a great idea. Count me in, if I can figure out how to tweet. :) I'm off to look at tea towels! So retro, so cool.

spark said...

These tea towels are really REALLY cute.
And I was just looking around for something little cute pick-me-up for my daughter,she has a bad cold -- and get this :anything with strawberry motive but this is a high order this time of the year...SOOO I have my fingers x-t.Gabriella

Mad Anne said...

Too cute! I RSVPd for GNO under Mad Anne (