GNOs "Happiness Headline" Challenge!

GNO Gals Spread Cheer and Kindness Across the Globe, Making It a Holiday Season to Remember!

This week, we are issuing a challenge—to perform at least one random act of kindness this week and to post about it! We will be creating a newsletter, compiling all of your great submissions to share with the Mommy Gossip—GNO community. The purpose is to share ideas, inspire, and help spread the holiday spirit not only within your communities, but with each other. You'll be amazed at how big of a difference one act of service, one blog post, and one "happiness headline" can make. Try it and see!

To participate, read the directions carefully:

  • Identify and perform at least one random of act of kindness (RAK) this week (December 2 through 9).

  • Post about the experience in written, picture, and/or video format(s).

  • Be creative! Keep it simple. Do something within your means and time. Include your friends and family.

  • Submit the post URL via e-mail to mommygossipgno AT gmail DOT com by Monday, December 9 at 6 p.m. Eastern (3 p.m. Pacific).

  • Grab the button below and post it on your blog.


  • Sign up for the GNO Newsletter where your post, along with all the other GNO Gal's posts, will be featured. The purpose of this newsletter is to uplift and inspire each other and to share great RAK ideas!

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Rhonda Gales said...

I would love to be entered into the Happiness Headline Challenge. Thanks for the opportunity:

Shannon said...

I missed the official challenge deadline; however, I wanted to let you know that I did give an elderly woman a ride to the Metro so she wouldn't have to wait in the cold for a bus. Does that count?

feathermaye said...

I submitted by blog about donating our artificial tree and LOTS of decorations! I've also added the buttons (which look really good on my blog!) and subscribed to the newsletter. I'm really glad to have found y'all.

Janine said...

I missed the deadline too but my special RAK project has been to return and/or collect shopping carts left out in the parking lots as I shop. Some poor guy is always stuck collecting them out in the cold and every one I can bring back is one less for him to have to do...I hope :).
Great idea and loving the RAKs.
Janine (@twincident)

MomItForward Jyl and Carissa said...

The RAKs left here will for sure count! We'll add them to the newsletter compilation!!